Wild Hen Farm Free Range Eggs

Wild Hen Farm hens are still grass-fed and TRUE Free Range.  They shelter, roost and lay in their own purpose build mobile sheds and are moved to fresh pasture weekly.  The sustainable farming system produces eggs of the highest quality and flavour, enriched by a diet of pasture, insects and seeds. Located in Flowerdale, the free range hens roam the spacious farm, grazing on 5 different types of grass that are planted to ensure the the chicken air living as close to their natural environment as possible.

We met Diego and Georgia at the Melbourne Farmers Markets and use their eggs in our fabulous Quiches.

Wild Hen Farm, as part of The Old Farm Happy Valley is proud to have earned accreditation from PROOF Certified Free Range.

This is YOUR GUARANTEE that:

· Their hens have the freedom to exhibit their natural behaviours in a natural environment

· Their eggs are produced using a sustainable, pasture-based farming system.

· Maximum 1500 birds or less per hectare.

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