Harper and Blohms’ Weekend Away Cheese Box

Harper & Blohms’ Weekend Away Cheese Box is full of delicious goods to enjoy over a weekend away with family & friends; at your holiday house, at home or as a great gift for your host.

Vacherin Le Duc – selected by Will Studd – is the perfect ‘bake in the box’ cheese and comes with a recipe card. This French cheese from the Franche Comte region has a delightful silky texture and once baked, melts into a crowd pleasing fondue! Try with  Piquitos Artesanos – Spanish hand made bread sticks.

City Larder Chicken Liver Pate is made in Melbourne with free range chicken liver, butter, port, madeira & seasonings. Match with French Cornichons and Harper & Blohm Marinated Organic Olives.

Meredith Marinated Goats Cheese is a staple in any Australian fridge and a beautiful addition to your holiday breakfast, lunch or dinner menu. Soft goats cheese marinated in a blend of olive oil, thyme and garlic, try with fresh avocado, grilled tomatoes or panfried mushrooms (or all 3!)

And finally, a cheese to enjoy nibbling on with your favourite wine – Marcel Petite Comte. The complete all rounder, this French mountain cheese fits every occasion – grilled on sourdough, grated on soups, shaved over roast vegetables or simply enjoyed on a cheese board.

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Click & Collect – pre order online and pick up from our Essendon Store. We can pack your order on ice if you are travelling – please add a note to the comment box if you would like us to do this.