Tidy Town Orange Pet Nat Giallo


Little Brunswick Wine Co brings you a Tidy Town Orange Pet Nat Giallo made from organic fruit from Chalmer’s, Heathcote. Convinced they could make Moscato interesting and for more discerning palettes, this is the perfect tipple for lazy afternoons in the sun. Bright, floral with a nicely textured dry finish.

  • The grape is 100% Giallo
  • Skin contact for a month
  • Flavour profile – yuzu, lime, jasmine, tea leaves, musk
  • There are no additives of any kind
  • It is a little brett funky, it’s no adds pet nat
  • grown on deja deja warring country
  • made on Wurundjeri country
A little history about Little Brunswick Wine Company
Alex started Little Brunswick Wine Company in 2017 while working in Rutherglen but living in Brunswick. The aim was to explore winemaking holistically and learn as rapidly as possible – something Alex believed he could best do working for himself. In 2018 Alex met Rob while working at Noisy Ritual and Rob said he wanted to make a Muscat Pet Nat.  Alex called Rob an idiot but when Rob fronted half the cash the gamble was on. Since then, Rob has been an important part of Little Brunswick Wine Company.

Words from Alex;
1) we want to open up the wine industry to a more diverse group of people – we do this by helping people skip the first 3 years where I worked impossibly hard.
2) acknowledgment of our responsibility to the land, its traditional owners, and the people who farm there today. We buy most of our grapes. It is our responsibility to purchase them at a sustainable price. Additionally, we are responsible for the growing of an invasive species on stolen land. In wine I believe we have a unique responsibility to traditional owners because people are always talking about wine as being made by soil. In Australia that soil has been managed for tens of millenia – yet in wine we typically don’t acknowledge that or seek how it affects our wines. When our business is profitable we hope to empower the groups from whose land we benefit.
3) prove to the people who said I couldn’t do it that I can, and I can do it faster than they thought 
Basically – we want to make a business that serves the people and places it is involved with, show other people that they can do the same, and have close relationships with the people in the businesses with which we pursue these goals.
Goes well with 

Holy Goat La Luna, Le Secret de Lys, Berrys Creek Riverine Blue

NOTE  Harper and Blohm licensing restrictions require that liquor can only be purchased via the online shop for collection in store or delivery. Sales of liquor must be in conjunction with one or more food items. A maximum quantity of liquor purchased must not exceed more than two 750ml bottles of wine. Liquor cannot be purchased by anyone under 18. Liquor cannot be left at unoccupied premises – please ensure that you will be home to accept your delivery.​ Liquor licence number 36158568.

Orders that do not meet these requirements will not be fulfilled and refunds will be issued.