The Brunch Gift Box

The Brunch Gift Box is just that – a carefully selected range of delicious cheese, cured fish and accompaniments suitable for a weekend (or weekday!) brunch. Presented in a Harper & Blohm Gift Box and Ribbon.

Aphrodite Halloumi – traditional goat & ewes milk halloumi is a stretched curd cheese made for grilling or pan-frying. Selected by Will Studd for its high quality and its genuine reflection of place, Aphrodite Halloumi is produced in a small artisan family dairy where each handcrafted pocket-shaped cheese is folded with mint leaves. It has a distinctly Mediterranean flavour – salty with a hint of lemon. approx 250g

Mr Wilkinsons Traditional Piccalilli is a hearty mix of cauliflower, kohl rabi, shallots and gherkins cooked in a gorgeous sauce of mustard and turmeric powders, finished with a good kick of malt vinegar. It is a sweet vegetable pickle originating in India and loved by our cheesemonger Xander, who recommends matching with grilled Halloumi. 360g

Gravlax by Harris Smokehouse has been cured to a traditional Scandinavian recipe using brandy from the Applewood Distillery along with dill, salt, sugar and white pepper for a herbaceous, sweet and aromatic flavour. 100g

Crème Fraiche d’Isigny from Tribehou dairy is the only AOP cream made in France, produced in the same lush Normandy region as the more renowned traditional French cultured butter. With a super silky texture and subtle cultured flavour, this is perfect with cured fish. 200ml

French Cornichons are produced from the fresh Calypso variety, they are preserved in a soft vinegar solution with tarragon and mustard seed that is neither overly sweet nor aggressively acidic. Try alongside Gravlax & creme fraiche. 200g

Four Pillars Orange Marmalade is made in the Yarra Valley using oranges from the gin making process at their distillery. The resulting Breakfast Marmalade is a deliciously sticky, bitter-sweet marmalade which is delicious on toast with Le Conquerant French cultured butter. Made with cream from cows that graze on the green seaside meadows of Normandy, this traditional butter is then churned the old fashion way in a baratte and hand moulded – the ‘Rolls Royce’ of butter – an essential item of any gourmands fridge. 125g