Stichelton Toast – The Fine Cheese Company


Stichelton Toasts are a unique collaboration between The Fine Cheese Company & Joe Schneider, Stichelton Cheese Maker.
A generous amount of unpasteurised Stichelton blue cheese is combined with buttermilk, flour, sesame seeds, and a dash of lemon juice, and then carefully seasoned.
Each slice of Toast is cut thinly to make it super-light and crunchy, and the taste is deeply savoury.

A little history

Stichelton is a raw milk version of English Stilton created by Joe and Randolph Hodgeson from Neal’s Yard Dairy. Traditional Stilton has to be made from pasteurised milk, so this cheese needed a new name. Whilst we can’t enjoy Stichelton in Australia – we can enjoy Stichelton Toast.

Joe is a born American who has dual British citizenship. He’s been cheese-making in England for almost 20 years, and specifically making his creation, Stichelton, for a decade on the beautiful Welbeck Estate, in Nottinghamshire.

Stichelton Toasts cheesy, slightly salty, umami tang and crispy texture make a sophisticated mouthful that begs alcohol.