St David Dairy Pure Cream 250ml


St David Dairy Cream is made solely from the purest of cream and is proudly free of additives and thickeners.  The Fitzroy micro dairy undertake a rigorous screening process to ensure only the highest quality cream is sourced from farm to bottle.  St David Dairy Cream makes for the perfect ingredient whether cooking, whipping or churning.

A little background

St David Dairy is an inner city dairy with a focus on being Local, Fresh, Ethical & Sustainable. Their pure pouring cream is sourced from a single farm 100km from the factory door in the rolling hills of Gippsland at the base of the Strezlecki ranges. Milk is brought daily to their micro dairy in a custom made small milk tanker for processing in Fitzroy. By using a small circle of distribution & daily milk sourced close to the dairy gate, St David Dairy products are as fresh as possible.

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