Schulz Organic Dairy Natural Yogurt 500g

Schulz Organic Dairy Natural Yogurt is made on the farm in South Western Victoria by third generation organic dairy farmer Simon Schulz & his family.

Made with Certified Organic Milk, Schulz Organic Yogurt recipe is unique. They add pro-biotic cultures, acidophilus, bifidus & L. Casein without the un-natural stabilisers you’ll find in other so called  ‘natural’ yogurts. Each yogurt is set in its tub where it develops a thick layer of cream on top and a mild acidic kick.

  • ACO Certified Organic
  • Full cream cows milk
  • Single origin
  • Made on the farm
  • Live ABC cultures
  • Non-Homogenisated
  • Gently pasteurised
  • Tub-set
  • No sugars
  • No stabilisers

The Schulz family have been making organic dairy products on their Timboon Farm in Victoria since 1972.

Schulz Organic Dairy Natural Yogurt is also available as part of our ‘Larder Essentials Box’

Cheese Details
  • Cheese Type: Fresh Curd
  • Country: Australia
  • Milk Type: Cow
  • Pasteurisation: Pasteurised
  • Rennet Type:
  • Classification: Farmhouse