Prom Country Venus Blue


Venus Blue is a mild yet complex blue cheese that has won many major awards. Behind a natural multi-coloured rind is an ivory paste marbled with greenish-blue veins. On the palate there are yeasty, champignon, spicy and slightly smokey flavours that cut through the trademark ewe’s milk sweetness. At peak maturity, Venus Blue has a wonderful combination of creamy mouthfeel, earthy spiciness and hints of mixed peel and honeysuckle.

A little history about Prom Country

Prom Country Cheese is owned and run by Burke and Bronwen Brandon on their family farm in South Gippsland. Burke is the son of pioneering Mornington Peninsula cheesemakers, Red Hill Cheese. All of the cheeses are handmade on the farm using milk from the family’s own ewes, making them a true farmhouse operation.

Goes well with:

Fortified wine, PX Sherry, dessert wines such as stickies and Sauternes

Similar cheeses:

Bleu des Basque, Roquefort

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Cheese Details
  • Cheese Type: Blue
  • Country: Australia
  • Milk Type: Ewe
  • Pasteurisation: Pasteurised
  • Rennet Type: Non Animal
  • Classification: Farmhouse

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