Olivia’s Fab Five

It’s no secret that Stilton is my favourite cheese in the whole wide world and not just any Stilton – it must be Colston Bassett Stilton selected by Neal’s Yard Dairy. This one is hand ladled and made with animal rennet, then air freighted to Australia for freshness which highlights its rich, buttery, salty and yeasty like vegemite flavour. Sadly this is will be our last air freight shipment from Neal’s Yard Dairy for a while due to the reduced number of flights from the UK so let’s enjoy this cheese whilst we can.

G.Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano  – what would I do without Giorgio in my life. Not only is he one of the loveliest people in the world, this is one of the loveliest cheeses in the world. Unlike other industrial “parmesans” on the market, this bench mark Italian cheese is made on a small farm in Modena who only produce 6 wheels per day. Matured by the Cravero family in Bra, Piedmont, it is complex, sweet and fruity. Perfect on pasta, soups, salads and as an afternoon snack, it’s also a must have on a charcuterie board for me.

My second food love after cheese is charcuterie. We sell a selection range free-range products from some amazing hard-working artisan producers. It’s hard to pick a favourite so I’ll go with our ‘Assorted Charcuterie Selection’ of sliced salami, capocollo & bresaola. The salami from De Palma is outstanding all-natural, handmade, slow aged and nitrite-free.

Sheridan’s Brown Bread Crackers are my go-to biscuit, made from just four ingredients and made for cheese by the cheese company that I worked for in Dublin a long time ago now.

And Ortiz Anchovies because they are just great to have on hand when you think the fridge is bare – add to salads, pasta or just on bread with butter!