Meredith Dairy Fresh Chèvre 150g


Meredith Dairy is an on-farm enterprise, milking sheep and goats year-round to make specialty cheeses and yoghurts. This fresh goats cheese is one of Australia’s must-have fridge staples – versatile as a kitchen ingredient, on an antipasto plate, in salads, tarts, pizzas & pasta or simply as a snack.

A little history about Meredith Dairy 

Julie & Sandy Cameron have been making cheese and yogurts on their Victorian farm since 1990’s using the milk of their goat and sheep. Their products are sold throughout Australia and exported around the world.

Cheese Details
  • Cheese Type: Fresh Curd
  • Country: Australia
  • Milk Type: Goat
  • Pasteurisation: Pasteurised
  • Rennet Type: Non Animal
  • Classification: Farmhouse