Mauri Formaggi Mascarpone 250g


Mascarpone is a traditional fresh cheese of the Lombardy region where it is used in sweet dishes such as Tiramisu and in savoury dishes, in place of butter or aged cheese, for flavouring or thickening risottos and pasta. The Mauri family make a superb example, offering a porcelain white mascarpone with a rich flavour and thick texture, showcasing the premium quality cream of the region.

A little history 

In 1920’s Emilio Mauri built a large factory in the small mountain village of Pasturo, not only to collect and ripen local cheese, but also to make cheese. Lombardy’s rich green pastures and clean mountain air are the reason for such high quality milk. Another advantage the Mauri family has is the unique maturation process that benefits from the natural caves of Valsassina where the cheese is aged. The natural caves offer the perfect microclimate for maturing cheese such as Taleggio and Gorgonzola.