Market Lane Coffee Beans 250g

Market Lane is one of Melbourne’s leading coffee roasters. Their coffee offer changes throughout the year, depending on what’s in season and what tastes delicious. We buy in small batches to ensure we bring out the best qualities in every lot. The coffee bags are made from renewable plant-based materials and are compostable and biodegradable. They also preserve the freshness and quality of the coffee inside.

This weeks coffee is La Casita

This coffee was produced by Gustavo de Jesús Berrío, who inherited the small farm from his parents, and now runs it with the help of his son David. Over the years, the family has used the farm for several different purposes, sometimes dedicating it exclusively to crops like beans and lulo (a local passionfruit).

The family tended to regard coffee as a less profitable crop, due to its labour-intensive production and price instability. This is thankfully changing, however, as the Urrao region is increasingly being recognised for its high-quality specialty coffees, and the pricing of these lots has increased and stabilised.

Like many coffee producers in Urrao, Gustavo has chosen to plant chiroso variety trees, which are native to the area. Originally cultivated for its resistance to the cool climate, this variety is now celebrated for its distinct and complex cup profile.

Profile – Sweet and rich with peach and passionfruit.

Colombia | Urrao
Chiroso | Washed Process

Please note – only available as whole beans.
These beans have been roasted to suit filter brew methods including Pour Over, Plunger & Aeropress


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