Le Tour de France 2019 Cheese Box

Follow the route of Le Tour de France 2019 with a box of French cheese from along the way.

Stages 1 – 4 Bruxelles – Nancy

Langres AOC is a mild washed rind cheese from the high plateau of Langres in Champagne – Ardenne region, ripened under a wrinkled orange rind. The cheese gets its terracotta-coloured rind from the addition of annatto to the brine solution in which it is washed. The bloomy orange rind reveals a rich creamy mousse-like texture and a delicate savoury flavour with a hint of crème fraîche. The distinctive sunken centre – called afontaine – is sometimes filled with Champagne or Marc de Champagne before it is served, making it a distinctive celebration cheese.

Match with Champagne, sparkling wine or Saison beer.

Stage 5 – 8 Saint-Dié-des-Vosges – Chalon-sur-Saône

Le Duc Vacherin is a soft surface ripened, washed rind cheese specially made for Will Studd in the mountains of the Franche Comte region of France. Based on the famous Vacherin du Haut-Doubs, it is bound with a ring of traditional bark skilfully cut from the local spruce trees during the summer months. Chalky & mild when young, it is best enjoyed close to the use by date when the smooth pinkish rind starts to ripple & bulge and the inside softens to a rich creamy melt in the mouth texture with just a hint of the forest.

Follow this link for a delicious baked cheese recipe.

Stages 8 – 10 Mâcon – Albi

Roquefort AOC is a very special blue cheese from the Occitane region, near the town of Albi. Made only from the milk from the Lacaune sheep it is one of the world’s greatest blue cheeses, made exclusively from raw milk and often referred to as the “King of French Cheeses”. Following AOC regulations, all Roquefort cheese has to be ripened deep in the cool, ancient natural caves of Roquefort in the Aveyron and the resulting cheese has a rich creamy texture, strong aromas, and lingering sweet-salty finish.

Delicious with crusty bread and Fig & Quince Jam.

Stages 11 – 15 Albi – Limoux 

Ossau Iraty AOC is a semi hard cheese from the picturesque mountains of the Pyrenees. This cheese unites two regions of France in the Western Pyrénées: Ossau in the valley of the Bearn and Iraty in the beech forests of the Pays Basque. It received an AOC protection in 1980, which requires that the cheese be produced with the milk of only two breeds of ewes – Manech and Basco-Béarnaise. Its earthy, aromatic rind is typical of ewe’s and goat’s milk cheeses made in the Pyrénées. The floral aftertaste is reminiscent of the pastures of wildflowers and fresh grass in the region. distinctly nutty flavours and lingering caramel sweetness.

Enjoy with a complimentary jar of French ‘Confiture de Cerises Noires’ – black cherry conserve – the traditional accompaniment to Ossau Iraty.

Stages 16 – 20 Nîmes – Val Thorens

Beaufort d’Alpage AOC is a huge hard cooked mountain cheese with a smooth texture and a rich, nutty sweet flavour. According to AOC rules, Beaufort can only be made in the Savoie and Haute-Savoie departments in the Rhône-Alps region of eastern France. Beaufort d’Alpage (meaning “of mountain pasture”) is only made in the summer in small mountain chalets. Each wheel captures the rich diversity of the herbage found growing in the remote alpine valleys, which is reflected in the floral, sweet, condensed, nutty flavours and dense, smooth texture of each wheel. The wheels are formed in special wooden hoops with concave sides that distinguish Beaufort from other Gruyere-style cheeses.

A great partner to cornichons, cured meats & olives.

Finale – Paris

Brillat Savarin PGI triple crème cheese is made from whole milk with added crème fraîche. As it matures, the rind blooms and becomes spicy, and the texture is like a rich, buttery mousse. Celebrate the final stages with Brillat-Savarin and Champagne!

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