Harris Smokehouse Gravlax 100g


Gravlax by Harris Smokehouse is a culinary partnership with Applewood Distillery – 2 boutique Adelaide Hill businesses using traditional craft skills and practices. This Tasmanian salmon has been cured to a traditional Scandinavian recipe using brandy from the Applewood Distillery along with dill, salt, sugar and white pepper for a herbaceous, sweet and aromatic flavour.

Delicious served with creme fraiche & cornichons, rye bread & mascarpone or just poached eggs; the possibilities are endless.

A little history

Harris Smokehouse is a 4th generation, family owned and operated smokehouse located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. They source the highest quality, raw seafood from Australia as well as overseas and use our traditional curing methods to create a subtle, smokey aroma that doesn’t overpower the premium product that has been harvested from pristine waters.