Gippsland Jersey Butter 150g


Gippsland Jersey Butter is deliciously creamy, naturally cultured butter with an impressive 86% butter fat and no added water or lactic flavouring. Jersey milk comes from pure Jersey cows (they’re the beautiful caramel coloured cows with long and lush eyelashes) and is known for its health benefits such as predominantly higher A2 protein, calcium and vitamins than your regular glass of milk. Gippsland Jersey Butter is made from just 3 ingredients: fresh jersey cream, live cultures and Mount Zero harvested dried salt from western Victoria.

A little background

Sourced from a dairy farm set in the rolling green hills of Jindivick, Gippsland Jersey is the creamiest, smoothest, most delicious milk imaginable. When you buy Gippsland Jersey products, you’re giving something too: you are giving peace of mind to a dairy farmer, knowing they received a fair price for their milk.

A little more about butter

Traditional cultured butter is made from cultured cream – cream with selected cultures allowed to mature over 12 – 24 hours. The cream is then churned gently in wooden churns or barrettes until the butter and buttermilk have separated. These butters have a richer & more lactic flavour than commercially produced counterparts. Commercial or sweet cream butter is made from fresh cream with industrial starters added to create flavour and salt as a preservative.

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