English Cheese Box by Neal’s Yard Dairy

To celebrate our Whey Up High Event with Neal’s Yard Dairy we hosted earlier this month we’ve selected some of our favourite English classic cheeses for you to enjoy at home.

Tunworth – is a modern style camembert made in the lush Hampshire countryside by Australian Stacey Hedges & Charlotte Spruce. The rich, sweet & nutty paste combines to bring a unique soft cheese with a distinctive vegetal aroma – 250g wheel.

Colton Bassett Stilton – not to be confused with similar cheeses in the market, our stilton is made in the traditional fashion with animal rennet & hand ladled into the cheese hoops. It’s these differences in production that give our stilton its distinctive crumbly texture with subtle blue veining & a long finish on the palate – approx 200g.

Montgomerys’ Farmhouse Clothbound Cheddar – a mouthful of a name & a great mouthful of cheese. This benchmark cheese is deservedly regarded as one of the UK’s best cheeses. Traditional production & maturation methods combine to bring a cheddar with a complex flavour profile reminiscent of roast beef – approx 200g.