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St David Dairy Cultured Butter 190g


St David Dairy fine cultured butter is hand crafted in small batches at the Fitzroy micro dairy using only the freshest cream and premium cultures. It is slow fermented, batch churned and hand salted using Mount Zero Fine Pink Lake Salt Crystals.

A little background

St David Dairy are taking a fresh approach to dairy products, combining small scale processing with intricate attention to quality. In the 1920’s, there were 27 dairies in Fitzroy – Ben Evans brought back the local dairy, and supporting the local community. Passionately providing Melbourne with a totally independent, Paddock-to-plate, Grass-to-Glass option for fresh milk and milk products. These are real dairy people, who want to bring back to life the local dairy that once stood alongside butchers and bakeries, embedded in the local community.

Each day they take in pure milk delivered from our carefully selected farmers in Gippsland, at the base of the Strezlecki ranges just 100kms from their door. Processing & packaging all takes place in Fitzroy, using equipment up to 20 times smaller than large scale processors, and without any additives or by-products.

A little more about butter

Traditional cultured butter is made from cultured cream – cream with selected cultures allowed to mature over 12 – 24 hours. The cream is then churned gently in wooden churns or barrettes until the butter and buttermilk have separated. These butters have a richer & more lactic flavour than commercially produced counterparts. Commercial or sweet cream butter is made from fresh cream with industrial starters added to create flavour and salt as a preservative.

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