Cornish Yarg


Cornish Yarg is a unique, semi-hard nettle wrapped cheese made with rich Cornish cows milk near Truro in Cornwall. The cheese is made by hand in open vats, using full-fat milk from carefully selected Cornish farms. After the young cheeses are brined, they are carefully hand-wrapped in perfect edible nettle leaves that attract natural occurring moulds to develop on the rind. This also assists in breaking down the interior while allowing the cheese to breathe. The resulting texture is creamy under the rind while slightly crumbly at the core with a fresh flavour, hints of lemon and a mushroom aroma from the nettle leaf.

A little history about Yarg

Alan Gray invented the nettle wrapped cheese Yarg in 1984, using a 17th-century recipe he found in the attic of his home. The name Yarg was created to sound particularly Cornish but is, in fact, Gray backwards. Catherine Mead & Dane Hopkins of Lynher Dairies now make the cheese – also home to the award-winning Cornish Kern. The nettle leaves are picked locally at the beginning of spring whilst still young and tender and then carefully frozen to last through the cheese-making season.

Goes well with  

Light white wines or dry rose, dry ciders

Similar cheeses  

Wensleydale, Caerphilly


Cheese Details
  • Cheese Type: Semi Hard
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Milk Type: Cow
  • Pasteurisation: Pasteurised
  • Rennet Type: Non Animal
  • Classification: Artisan

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