Bundarra Berkshires – Pork Fricandeaux 260g


Bundarra Berkshires Pork Fricandeaux is a French delicacy local to the Gascony region. Pork mince, potatoes, onion, salt and pepper is wrapped in caul fat and confit baked to produce a sweet, aromatic and rich terrine style potted meat that sits in golden aspic. Paired with truffles and dijon mustard on some crusty sour dough bread and a glass of crispy white wine these are something of pure culinary pleasure.

A little background on Bundarra Berkshires

“Bundarra” is Lauren & Lachlan Mathers’ family free range Bio-dynamic farm on the Murray River just outside the small township of Barham in Southern NSW. The English heritage Berkshire pigs are selected for their superior flavour and hardiness to roam free in the paddocks.

Lauren runs a licensed Farmstead Butchery making the small goods by hand on the farm, using no preservatives or nitrates allowing the full flavour of the meat to shine through.

A self taught butcher, Lauren handles all the boning, packing, smoking small goods and handcrafting charcuterie only metres from where the pigs are grown. All their smallgood products are patiently made using traditional methods of brining, smoking, air-drying and curing to mature the pork into beautifully preserved charcuterie.

Happy Pigs, Yummy Pork!

Goes well with

Cornichons, Olives, Marcel Petite Comte


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