Asterisk Lavosh 130g


Asterisk Lavosh are crispy textured crackers made with extra virgin olive oil and unbleached Australian flour. A small family owned Melbourne based business specialising in authentic artisanal sweet and savoury products. Lavosh crackers are designed to complement the work of artisan cheese using pure unadulterated ingredients.

A little history about Asterisk Kitchen

Younes Khazour was born and raised in France and began his pâtissier career in the Loire Valley. After meeting his wife Kate, he moved to Melbourne in 2004 where he spent worked with the likes of Shannon Bennett (Vue de Monde), Gary Cooper (Bella Vedere) and Andrew McConnell (Cutler & Co). In 2012, Kate and Younes started Asterisk Kitchen as a home-kitchen testing sweet cakes at the local market. Now with a range of savoury and sweet products, Asterisk Kitchen specialises in authentic artisanal sweet and savoury products.

Available in 3 flavours –

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