Alex’s Fab Five

My favourites change daily as I’m still relatively new to cheese mongering, so it’s a joy to be continuously discovering new cheese.

My go – tos at the moment with the weather beginning to cool are –

Hafod Organic Cheddar from Ceredigion in Wales. A dense buttery and nutty cheddar with a distinctive herbaceous -horseradishy quality.

Put this atop Millers Elements Ale Crackers from The Derbyshire Peak District in the UK. Made using English Ale along with Barley, Malt and Hops for a very serious biscuit! Depending on my mood, these go well with some of our French Cornichons, add a nice mineral rich Chardonnay and my night’s complete!

An old favourite of mine from my time spent with Movida is Monte Enebro. A semi hard sheeps milk cheese shaped in a log or “mules leg”(pata de mulo), with a strong blue mould rind, hailing from central Spain near Madrid. The centre is firm at first, tangy and citrusy but as the cheese matures the blue flavour begins permeates throughout the cheese and becomes quite spicy.

Great with a baguette or our Housemade Lavosh that our chef Ian relentlessly rolls out every day. These are an essential in my house.