Wild Figs in Vino Cotto 200g


Made in Australia with premium dried wild figs from Iran, these luscious syrupy figs are an indulgent addition to your cheeseboard or desserts.

An indulgent offering of naturally wild baby figs that have been marinated in Vino Cotto and spices. The figs are sweet and silky with a mildly nutty flavour. They are the perfect accompaniment to a cheese and antipasto platter. Delicious tossed in salads with soft or blue cheeses. These little gems add a beautiful rich aroma and flavour to desserts with ice-cream, mascarpone, ricotta and yoghurt or mixed in cake batters.

Vino Cotto Original is made from the must (musto) of premium dark grapes that has been slowly cooked so as to preserve product quality to the fullest. The result is an exceptional product, aged to mature over many months with aromatics of dark berry fruits and spices. This well-balanced condiment will add a distinctive flavour to any dish, savoury or sweet and is ideal for everyday cooking. Vino Cotto is produced in Australia from Australian ingredients & the dried figs used are AA grade and a product of Iran.