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Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve

This raw cows milk cheese is a hard, alpine-style farmhouse cheese made in Wisconsin, USA.


Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve is a raw milk farmhouse cheese made only between May and October, while the cows are grazing on the fresh pastures of the rolling green hills. Named after the land formation on which the farm sits, the grass-fed, raw milk produces flavours in the cheese that can’t be replicated by “ordinary” milk.

During maturation, the cheeses are washed several times a week in a brine solution, which encourages the development of certain bacteria on the cheese rinds. These bacteria, along with the microflora indigenous to the raw milk, develop flavors in the cheese over time. As the cheeses age, their flavors become more complex and concentrated resulting in a complex alpine style of cheese with lasting flavours of grass and flora & rich fruit and nuts.

Each batch develops its flavors at a different pace, and an important part of the work in the ripening rooms is to taste each batch, again and again, to determine when they are ready to sell. This is a great example of modern-day farmstead cheese from the US where traditional cheeses are enjoying a resurgence.
A little history about Uplands Cheese Company
Pleasant Ridge Reserve is made in the tradition of Alpine cheeses like Comte and Beaufort by Uplands Cheese Company located on “Pleasant Ridge” in southwestern Wisconsin. Now owned by two families Scott & Liana Mericka, Andy & Caitlin Hatch. They purchased the farm & cheese making facility in 2014 from their former employers to ensure the future of the dairy, where cows have been milked for over 100 years.
Goes well with –
Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon
Similar cheeses –
Beaufort, Comte Gruyere

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