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The Truffle and Wine Co Truffle Honey


Infused with black Manjimup truffles from WA, this exquisite honey brings a level of decadence to hard cheeses - especially ewes milk cheese.
Truffle Hill Truffle Honey is infused with the flavour and fragrance of truffles. Use truffle honey in marinades, basting game birds or drizzle it over thinly sliced prosciutto. Truffle honey is delicious with Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino or other sheep’s milk cheeses such as Ossau Iraty.
A little background about the Truffle & Wine Co
Since establishing in Manjimup, Western Australia in 1997, passion and dedication coupled with an extraordinary microclimate has seen The Truffle & Wine Co. become the largest producer of superior black Perigord truffles in the world and a premier truffière. Soft, rich soil and a cool temperate climate makes the unique terroir at The Truffle & Wine Co. the ideal location for the cultivation of world-class superior black Perigord truffles and award-winning wine.

Once opened truffle honey keeps well in a cool dark place but its fragrance will diminish over time.