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Swiss Gruyere Vieux AOC


This hard cows milk cheese is made at Le Cret sur Semsales dairy in Switzerland and matured for a minimum of 18 months. Its smooth, condensed texture is scattered with tiny crystals giving it a sweet-salty crunch.

Origin: Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland

Milk: Cow (raw milk)

Rennet Type: Non-animal rennet

Style: Semi-hard, cooked curd

Classification: Co-operative

Shelf Life: 7-10 days, this product is cut to order

Goes well with: Dry Oloroso Sherry, full-bodied and aromatic white wines

Similar cheeses: Fort Aged Comte, Swiss Gruyère, L’Étivaz

Printable Cheese Note

Swiss Gruyere Vieux (groo-YEAH v-YOU) AOC is a huge 32kg wheel of hard mountain cheese that has been made by Jean Marie Dunand in Le Cret sur Semsales dairy. Made during the summer months when milk production is plentiful, Gruyere Vieux is carefully cave ripened for at least 18 months. The condensed nutty texture is scattered with small horizontal fissures known as ‘lenures’ and tiny crystals of tyrosine (an amino acid) that add a deliciously sweet-salty crunch to the powerful lingering flavours.

A little history about Gruyere

Dating back to at least the 12th Century, Swiss Gruyère is the most popular cheese in Switzerland. It is typically made during the summer when the cows are taken to graze high in the mountains on the lush pastures. The cheese is then matured in the valleys for consumption during the winter. The quality of milk and area of production is strictly controlled under Swiss 'Appellation' regulations, but quality varies between the cooperative dairies and most Gruyère wheels are sold after being ripened for just 6 months.

*AOC = Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée | Vieux = Old