Stone and Crow Night Walker 180g


This small, washed rind cows milk cheese from Wurundjeri country, Yarra Valley, Victoria has a soft texture with savoury & meaty notes and a creamy finish.

Origin: Wurundjeri, Yarra Valley region, Victoria

Milk: Cow

Rennet Type: Non-animal rennet

Style: Washed rind

Classification: Artisan

Shelf Life: 7 - 10 days

Goes well with: 

Beer (especially Sours), Cider, Yarra Valley Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Crusty bread, Pear, Almonds

Similar cheeses:  L’Artisan Mountain Man, Milawa King River Gold

Printable Cheese Note

Stone and Crow Night Walker is a small washed rind cheese that has a soft texture that becomes gooey with age. The milk comes from a single herd of Friesian & Jersey cows managed by Leigh Shera Jones in the Yarra Ranges. To create its tell-tale pungency, the cheesemaker washes the cheese in brine every day for the first couple of weeks, until the cheese is ready to wrap for sale. The final flavour is typical of washed-rind cheeses, with meaty notes and a creamy finish.

A little history

Cheesemaker Jack Holman is the master of Stone & Crow making cheese at the micro-dairy called Crow’s Nest, located at Rob Dolans Wines on Wurundjeri country, Yarra Valley. Here Jack dabbles in new styles and unleashes his cheesemaker creativity on a small scale. Each season, Jack gets together with some special mates and they head out into the bush for a night walk. On one night walk, Jack pulled out a new cheese he had been working on, and his mates loved it. The cheese was named Night Walker, and it now makes an appearance on every night walk. Jack says it’s a great cheese to share with your mates.

Ingredients: Pasteurised cow's milk, salt, cultures, non animal rennet.