Singing Magpie Sun Dried Fruit 100g


Singing Magpie Sun dried fruit from the Riverland, South Australia is possibly the finest dried fruit you will ever taste.

Singing Magpie Produce is a selection of beautiful sun-dried fruit grown and prepared in South Australia's Riverland. These handpicked, premium sun-dried fruits are possibly the most delicious you will experience - soft, sweet and very delicious.

Duchess Sun-Dried Pears - sweet, almost fragrant to eat and very delicious with blue cheese.

Somerset Sun-Dried Peaches - super soft, sweet and delicious.

River Ruby Sun-Dried Apricots - perfect for snacks, a grazing platter or in your cereal bowl, these premium apricots are high in fibre, potassium and iron.

Storage: We recommend keeping your dried fruits in the fridge or freezer.

Allergen Warning:

Contains sulphites. Singing Magpie Produce packs a range of produce on shared equipment including dried fruit, almonds and pecans. While all attempts are made to avoid any kind of cross-contamination, this can occasionally occur and any of these products may contain traces of these.

Jack Hewerd planted his first orchard in Monash, South Australia 100 years ago starting a family tradition that has continued today. In 2017 Sue Hewerd launched Singing Magpie with a strong focus on customer service and the requirements of the hospitality industry to bring delicious, high-quality products to consumers who care where their food is coming from.

The emphasis at Singing Magpie is on keeping it simple, using quality ingredients and being mindful of the ecological footprint. Low impact farming methods are used and the focus is on providing access for customers to seasonal Australian produce.