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Shaw River Buffalo Milk Yoghurt - 1kg

Buffalo milk yoghurt from the Haldane’s family-run farm in Yambuk, south-west Victoria, is naturally high in fat which results in a thick, creamy consistency.

Shaw River Buffalo milk yoghurt is naturally high in fat which results in a thick, creamy consistency with a richness not found in cows milk products. The milk is first cultured with live bacteria and then gently cured in warm rooms. It has a thick porcelain coloured texture with a layer of rich white cream on top. It tastes slightly sweet and creamy which is balanced by a natural acidity, typical of traditional yoghurt and is well matched to both sweet & savoury dishes. It can also be drained to produce a thick labna curd - an interesting substitute to other fresh curd cheeses.

A little history about Shaw River
Shaw River Buffalo cheeses are made by hand on the Haldane’s family run farm in Yambuk, south-west Victoria. Pioneers of water buffalo milking, the Haldane family were the first to bring milking riverine buffalo to Australia from Italy & Bulgaria in 1995 and have been making buffalo milk cheese ever since.