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Section28 Mont Priscilla

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This semi hard cows milk cheese from South Australia's Adelaide Hills has a soft buttery yellow-ivory paste, yeasty aroma and vibrant flavour.
Mont Priscilla is a semi hard cheese made in the Adelaide Hills by cheese maker Kym Masters’ and inspired by his time in the Haut Jura region of France. Mont Priscilla has a soft buttery yellow-ivory paste, yeasty aroma and a vibrant flavour with a hint of citrus. Where does the name Mont Priscilla come from? Kym married the girl on the farm next door to where he grew up and Mt Priscilla is the little hill between the two family farms.
A little history
After a career in corporate finance, Kym Masters decided to follow a new path as a cheesemaker. As part of his self-styled cheese education, he travelled to the Franche- Comté region of France to study the most popular cheese in France, Comté Gruyère. Whilst he was there, he also studied the making of this traditional style of cheese which used the curds from two milkings.
Fresh curds are placed in a barrel overnight where they are sprinkled with ash from burnt vine leaves to prevent a rind from forming. It’s also said to keep insects away. In the morning, the barrel is topped with more curd from the next morning’s milk. This gave the cheese its distinctive ash line and would also result in a slightly different colour and texture between the top and bottom layers.

Kym returned to South Australia to set up Section28 Artisan Cheese, where he is hand-making uniquely Australian cheeses that reference this European Alpine-style cheese-making heritage, while having a style and flavour that distinctly showcase the milk of the Adelaide Hills.
Goes well with:
Crisp whites like Riesling or Savagnin, light reds such as Gamay or Tarrington Pinot Noir
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