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San Simón - PDO

This semi hard cows milk cheese from Galicia in northern Spain has a smooth texture, with rich buttery and earthy flavours.


San Simón is an unusual conically shaped cheese comes from the flat pastures & forest region of Galicia on the northern coast of Spain. Smooth in texture, with rich buttery and earthy flavours, the cheeses are smoked slowly over green birch branches, resulting in a savoury cheese with a light smoky flavour. The smoky taste blends elegantly with the buttery, nutty aroma and tangy taste. San Simon has a mild and balanced overall flavour. It works well as a melting cheese and is perfect served with cured meats.

A little history about San Simon

Enquiries as to the shape of this cheese – distinctly breast-like, complete with a nipple on top –are said to provoke wide grins and unprintable stories that go back for generations among Galicians. In the early 1980’s this cheese experienced a massive decline in production as farmers were getting higher prices for selling their milk to large cheese companies. However, after it received PDO status in 1990, sales from overseas increased, as did local production.

*PDO = Protected Designation of Origin

Goes well with:

Spanish white wine such as Albarino, Fino Sherry

Similar cheeses:


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Customer Reviews

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A new dimension!

Very tasty and the smoke smell through the nose adds a new dimension to the experience!

The light smoke mixed with buttery, earthy notes makes this such a moreish cheese. Next time you might like to try melting it with some cured meats, doubling down on the savoury flavours. We're glad you tried and appreciated something new on the cheese front. Plenty more cheese to discover here and we're always happy to make recommendations.