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ReJam Tomato Relish 280g

ReJam Tomato Relish is made in Melbourne from rescued ingredients and is a welcome addition to your favourite cheese toastie.


This moreish relish is packed full of onion, apple, sultanas, mustard seeds and a little chilli that were deemed too misshapen for sale, transformed with love into a delicious accompaniment to your cheese toastie and barbecued sausages.

A little background about Re-Jam 

A radical approach to the widespread waste in food production, distribution and consumption industries, Re-Jam is a sustainable preserve range proudly made in Melbourne with rescued produce. 

Reducing food waste and restructuring the food industry is one of the most effective ways to combat climate change and create social change.’

Goes well with: 

Ploughman's boards, cheddar & ham sandwich, a slice of our Quiche, sausage roll.