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Pecora Dairy Bloomy 120g

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Made in NSW's Southern Highlands, this white mould ewes milk cheese has a beautiful ivory wrinkled delicate skin.


Pecora Dairy Bloomy is a mould-ripened cheese with a beautiful ivory wrinkled delicate skin. Beneath the rind is a gooey texture with a translucent halo, which becomes molten as the cheese matures. The centre is dense, rich and smooth with a slightly chalky texture. When young the cheese has notes of citrus with a lingering crème Fraiche lactic mouth feel; as it ages the flavour becomes more buttery, earthy and intense. The dark ash coating provides a stunning contrast to the white creaminess of the paste when cut.

A little history about Pecora Dairy

Michael and Cressida McNamara founded their dairy in 2011 on 200 acres in Robertson in the green heart of the Southern Highlands, 100 miles outside Sydney. The overarching philosophy at Pecora Dairy is gentleness, towards the land, their East Friesian sheep, and in the production of their cheese.

Goes well with:

Rose, Dry White Wine such as Trebbiano, Sparkling White Wine

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