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Olivia's Fab Five

Cheesemonger and Harper & Blohm founder Olivia has chosen five of her favourites - three cheeses, charcuterie and crackers.

My top 5 products from our shop that I just can't live without.

G.Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano (150g) what would I do without Giorgio in my life? Not only is he one of the loveliest people in the world, this is one of the loveliest cheeses in the world. Unlike other industrial "parmesans" on the market, this benchmark Italian cheese is made on a small farm in Modena that only produce 6 wheels per day. Matured by the Cravero family in Bra, Piedmont, it is complex, sweet and fruity. Perfect on pasta, soups, salads and as an afternoon snack, it's also a must-have on a charcuterie board for me.

Sheridan's Brown Bread Crackers (120g)are my go-to biscuit, made from just four ingredients and made for cheese by the cheese company that I worked for in Dublin a long time ago now.

Marcel Petite Fort Aged Comte (200g) - One of my go-to cheeses, a must-have in the fridge. Add to an omelette for breakfast, add to a plate of pickled vegetables and ham for lunch, or as I do most days just have a few cubes as a snack. It's always in my cheese selection when I'm asked to bring the cheese, it's an all-around crowd-pleaser, kids love it (warning) and you might even impress that grumpy relative that's hard to please! Oh, and it must be Marcel Petit.

My second food love after cheese is charcuterieWe sell a selection range of free-range products from some amazing hard-working artisan producers. It's hard to pick a favourite so I'll go with our Assorted Charcuterie Selection (100g) of sliced salami, capocollo & bresaola. The salami from De Palma is outstanding all-natural, handmade, slow aged and nitrite-free.

Dillicious Pickles These American style pickles have such a great crunch. They don't have any sugar in them at all. It's the honey and just the right amount of chilli in them that makes them so good. The brine also makes a great addition to salad dressings AND they are made on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.