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Mountain Man - L'Artisan Cheese

This washed-rind cows milk cheese from French cheesemaker Matthieu Mégard at L'Artisan in South-West Victoria is perfect for making Tartiflette.


L'Artisan Mountain Man is a washed rind cheese created by cheesemaker Matthieu Megard from a recipe that originates from the Reblochon tradition in the French Alps where he grew up. Made out of pasteurised milk, it is surprisingly complex in taste and soft in texture. As well as a delicious cheese on its own, it can be used a melting cheese on top of any potato-based dish, particularly Tartiflette. The Mountain Man has a slightly pungent yet round and complex taste with a sweet, milky finish.
A little history about L’Artisan Cheese

L’Artisan Cheese is a cheese company that started making unique & handmade organic cheeses in the rich dairy region of Timboon in South Western Victoria; in mid-2015 they relocated their cheese making facility to Geelong. Cheesemaker Matthieu Megard uses traditional French cheese recipes adapted to the local environment to inspire the cheeses made at L’Artisan Cheese. They are cheeses of character with strong tastes & distinct personalities and bring all the goodness of the local organic milk provided by John Smith’s farm from the co-op Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia.

Goes well with

Dry white wine, especially wines of the Jura

Similar Cheeses

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The whole unit only, minimum weight 450g

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