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Milawa King River Gold 150g


This washed rind cows milk cheese is matured in the unique micro-climate of the old butter room at Milawa, on Waveroo country, north-west Victoria.


Milawa King River Gold was one of the first washed rind cheeses produced in Australia. While it is excellent year-round, it is especially good in winter when the centre oozes and the sticky rind becomes even more pungent. As with all washed rind cheeses, King River Gold is regularly washed with a brine solution to keep it moist and to encourage the development of the yeasts, moulds and bacteria that give the cheese its characteristic orange colour and pungent aroma. The yeasts from the maturation room combine with those from the local wineries to develop a slightly yeasty washed rind cheese with a creamy texture. Sometimes this cheese develops a very fine, gritty layer on the surface, reminiscent of tiny salt crystals – this is normal and should be celebrated as part of the unique character of the cheese.

A little history

Located on Waveroo country in the heart of north eastern Victoria’s King Valley, David & Anne Brown founded the Milawa Cheese Company in the historic Milawa Butter Factory in 1988. All of the cheeses are still hand made in small batches and matured in the unique micro climate of the King Valley.

Goes well with:

A fruity white wine from the King Valley

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Customer Reviews

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Fiona Scott
Goes well in an omelette

I make omelettes like crepes - this cheese is an indulgent treat smooth and gooey and soo tasty in the middle with a stack of spinach.