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Market Lane Coffee Beans 250g

Single origin coffee beans from one of Melbourne's leading coffee roasters. Small batches mean ensure you get the best and freshest available.

Market Lane is one of Melbourne's leading coffee roasters. Their coffee offer changes throughout the year, depending on what's in season and what tastes delicious. We buy in small batches to ensure we bring out the best qualities in every lot. The coffee bags are made from renewable plant-based materials and are compostable and biodegradable. They also preserve the freshness and quality of the coffee inside.

This weeks coffee is Sitio Canaã

At 28 years old, Kleumon Silva Moreira is a very young coffee producer. Over the last decade, he has worked alongside Antônio Rigno – widely regarded as the best producer in the Piatã area – learning everything he could about coffee production, from planting through to processing.

 In 2016, Kleumon purchased ten hectares of land to start his own coffee farm. He now has almost one hectare of coffee planted, with plans to plant two more hectares in 2021. He is meticulous in his farming practices, implementing much of what he learned from Antônio.

At harvest time, Kleumon’s picking team consists mainly of family members, including his mum who lives nearby. The coffee is hand-pulped at a friend’s mill and then processed using the pulped natural method at São Judas Tadeu, Antônio’s farm.

Kleumon represents the next generation of producers in this famous coffee-growing region. We hope to continue offering his coffees for many years to come!


Profile - Maple syrup and almond with tangerine sweetness.
Brazil |Chapada Diamantina
Catuaí |Pulped Natural Process

Please note - only available as whole beans.

These beans have been roasted to suit filter brew methods including Pour Over, Plunger & Aeropress