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Market Lane Coffee Beans 250g


Single origin coffee beans from one of Melbourne's leading coffee roasters. Small batches mean ensure you get the best and freshest available.

This weeks coffee is La Estrella

John Alexander Bermudez is a quality-focused producer. He and his family live on their 1.5 hectare farm where they do the majority of the farm work, only hiring others to help out during the busy harvest season. This gives them great oversight, and enables them to be meticulous in both the coffee growing and processing stages.

John invests any premiums he makes on his coffee into updating the farm's micro-beneficio (small mill). This is the priority, rather than planting more trees, as the family is determined to grow the farm at a slow and steady pace, without sacrificing the high quality of their coffee.

This micro-lot is made up of chiroso variety beans, which are native to the Urrao area. Originally cultivated for its resistance to cool climates, chiroso is now also celebrated for its complex and floral cup profile. The special variety, coupled with John’s careful processing, results in an exceptional coffee in the cup.

Profile | Floral with currants and cola.

Origin: Urrao, Colombia
Variety: chiroso
Process: washed

These beans have been roasted to suit filter brew methods including Pour Over, Plunger & Aeropress and are only available as whole beans.

Market Lane is one of Melbourne's leading coffee roasters. Their coffee offer changes throughout the year, depending on what's in season and what tastes delicious. We buy in small batches to ensure we bring out the best qualities in every lot.

The coffee bags are made from renewable plant-based materials and are compostable and biodegradable. They also preserve the freshness and quality of the coffee inside.