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Long Paddock Driftwood 180g

Driftwood is a soft cows milk washed rind cheese wrapped in spruce bark, made at Long Paddock, Castlemaine, Victoria.


Imported spruce bark belt which wraps the cheese aren’t just visual; they hold the young cheese in shape while imparting subtle woody notes to the flavour profile. What begins as a mild grassy flavour intensifies developing earthier, distinctive mushroom (almost meaty) characters as it ages. Similarly, to other soft, surface-ripened cheeses, it also excels as a whole baked cheese.

A little history

Julie and Ivan Larcher recently relocated to Castlemaine, Victoria from Limoges, France with the encouragement of Alison Lansley (Australian Specialist Cheesemakers’ Association) and Holy Goat’s Carla Meurs and Ann-Marie Monda. Years of experience making cheese and consulting have informed their considered production at every stage. From careful monitoring of herd health and milking through their small batch cheesemaking process and maturation, nothing is left to chance.

Located at The Mill, Castlemaine - a hub for creatives in a range of fields - their site houses production facilities and a much-heralded Cheese School.

Goes well with        

Dry white wines

Crusty bread and cornichons

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