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L'Artisan Organic Raclette


Raclette is a semi hard cheese made with grass-fed organic cows milk on Giraiwurung country,south-western Victoria. Inspired by a traditional French recipe, made by a Frenchman.

Origin: Giraiwurung, south-western region, Victoria

Milk: Cow

Rennet Type: Animal rennet

Style: Semi-hard / Smeared Rind


Shelf Life: 7-10 days, this product is cut to order

Goes well with: Crisp dry white wines.

Similar cheeses: Tilsit, Morbier

Printable Cheese Note

L'Artisan Organic Raclette was created by French cheesemaker Matthieu Megard this semi-hard, smear-ripened cheese reminiscent of a classic French Raclette. The cheese is pressed for 12 hours in cloth, salted in a brine bath & then smeared every second day with a brine solution. After 12 weeks, the rind develops a reddish tinge & is slightly sticky to touch. L'Artisan Organic Raclette texture is soft and subtle it has a nutty, slightly pungent flavour with a smokey finish. This cheese develops a stronger earthy flavour that becomes more obvious as it matures.

A little history about raclette

Raclette is the name given to both the cheese & the dish, derived from the French word racler meaning scrape. A semi-hard cows milk cheese with a pungent aroma, it is an excellent melting cheese, bringing fruity and earthy flavours to gratins, soups & grilled dishes.
Traditionally Raclette is made by melting cheese on an open fire & scraping the surface onto steamed potatoes, served with cornichons & cured meat. Nowadays restaurants, markets & food trucks serve raclette melted under a narrow heated grill, with smaller tabletop grills suited or trays to home use. You may have seen Harper & Blohm Cheese Shop selling L'Artisan Organic Raclette on steamed local potatoes with cornichonsat Victorian Farmers' Markets around Melbourne & surrounds.

A little history about L'Artisan Cheese

L’Artisan Cheese started making unique, handmade organic cheeses in the rich dairy region of Timboon in south-western Victoria. In 2020, they relocated their cheese-making facility to Mortlake, Giraiwurung country. Third generation cheesemaker Matthieu Megard adapts traditional French recipes to the local Victorian environment. The cheeses are full of character with strong tastes and distinct personalities, bringing all the goodness of local organic grass-fed milk provided by John Smith’s farm of the Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia co-operative. As such, it’s produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner through soil regeneration, water conservation and animal welfare. The farm does not use any synthetic or artificial pesticides, herbicides or GMOs, whilst also supporting biodiversity through the cultivation of a variety of grasses - a great thing for the taste of cheese.

allergen - contains egg