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La Tur dell'Alta Langa 200g

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This delightfully wrinkled, white mould cheese from Piedmont, Italy, is made with cows, goats and ewes milk. 

La Tur dell'Alta Langa is a delightful mixed milk soft cheese matured under a crinkly rind of white mould and the distinctive geotrychum yeast. A smaller version of Robiola Rocchetta, it’s straw-coloured interior has a smooth dense texture, while the wrinkled pale-yellow rind blooms a white grey mould as it matures. The gentle curds are hand ladled after a long setting period which contributes to a delicate cheese with lactic flavours. La Tur is typical of the cheeses of the region in using milk from cows, goats & ewes.

A little history
Caseificio dell’Alta Langa is located in Bosia, a little village of Alta Langa area, in the Piedmontese hills and Rocchetta is a small village in the same region of Italy. The traditional recipes for these cheeses are held in the regional farms that specialize in mixed milk cheeses – a way of using the variable amounts of milk from the animals through the seasons.

Goes well with
Prosecco or sparkling wine

Similar cheeses
Robbiola Rocchetta, Brillat Savarin, Le Secret de Lys

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