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Jala Jala Chocolate 100g

These locally made chocolates are infused with Indigenous ingredients and made on Bunurong/Boon Wurrung country (Mornington Peninsula, Victoria).

Jala Jala Chocolate is infused with Indigenous ingredients, carefully balancing the smooth joy of high-quality cocoa butter with the lively pleasures of Australian bush flavours.⁠
      • Davidson Plum White Chocolate The powerful sourness of native plums against white chocolate produces a unique flavour sensation as well as a visual treat with the pretty purple flecks evident in the finished bar.⁠
      • Wattleseed Mylk Chocolate  (vegan) Australian native Wattleseed, with its gentle nutty flavour perfectly balances the smooth mylk chocolate to produce a delicate chocolate treat.

      • Finger Lime Dark ChocolateVibrant finger limes provide a citrus burst to complement the high quality dark chocolate, resulting in an exquisite delight.
      A little history of Jala Jala
      Owner and creator Sharon Brindley is a Yamatji/Noongar woman living on Bunurong/Boon Wurrung country (the Mornington Peninsula), where she is also the proud owner of Cooee Cafe, the only Indigenous cafe in the region. In 2020, Sharon launched Jala Jala Treats with exquisite white chocolates infused with native flavours. ⁠ Sharon is passionate about promoting these true flavours of Australia and awakening people both local and international to their flavours and health properties. “I like to showcase the incredible qualities of native plants,” says Sharon. In her Wajarri language, Jala Jala means ‘very good. “I’ve created delicious treats to go with the name,” she says.⁠