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Aphrodite Goat Milk Halloumi 225g - selected by Will Studd


This hand stretched halloumi from Cyprus is made with 100% goats milk, giving it a delicious piquancy. Hand folded with mint leaves, it is salty with a hint of lemon.

Origin: Cyprus

Milk: Goat

Rennet Type: Non-animal rennet

Style:Stretched curd

Classification: Artisan

Shelf Life: 28 days

Goes well with: sparkling white wine, Pilsener or blonde beer, NON 6 Tomato Water & Basil. Perfect for grilling with a squeeze of lemon to finish or as a meat-free substitute in tacos/wraps

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Aphrodite Halloumi is a stretched curd cheese made for grilling or pan-frying. Selected by Will Studd for its high quality and its genuine reflection of place, Aphrodite Halloumi is produced in a small artisan family dairy where each pocket-shaped cheese is handcrafted using time-honoured techniques. This hand-stretched halloumi is made in Cyprus to a traditional recipe formulated millennia ago by Cypriot shepherds to preserve the island’s seasonal flush of fresh milk. Hand folded with mint leaves, it has a distinctly Mediterranean flavour - salty with a hint of lemon.

A little history about Halloumi

During the cooler months, Halloumi was traditionally made using a combination of goat’s and ewe’s milk, the ratio varying according to the region and the season. In the hotter summer months when ewe’s milk was unavailable Halloumi was produced in small village dairies using only goat’s milk.

Will Studd is a world-renowned cheese expert who has selected a range of cheeses based on their provenance, texture, aroma and flavour.