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Hafod - Neals Yard Dairy

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Hafod Cheddar (Wales, UK) is made with organic milk from grass-fed Ayrshire cows. It has a smooth, fudge-like texture and golden yellow colour.


Hafod is very similar to a cheddar, although the recipe for Hafod has distinctive rich, buttery, nutty flavours – indicative of its Swiss origins combined with local Ayrshire milk and the ‘terroir’ of the pasture and soil of the Welsh farm. The name 'Hafod' (pronounced Havod) comes from the Welsh for summer place or pasture.

Made on the farm since 2007 with organic grass fed Ayrshire milk, it has a smooth, fudge-like texture and golden yellow colour. Its flavour is herby, sometimes with hints of wild fennel with accompanying savoury, buttery rich nuttiness.

The Ayrshire cows that produce the milk for Hafod are uniquely suited for cheesemaking. Despite their lower production levels than the more common Holstein and Friesian breeds that dominate modern dairies, their milk is richer in solids (the fats and proteins that form the structure of the cheese). They have a dynamic herdsman, Nicholas Millard, who is actively experimenting in the milking parlour with novel practices during his visits to cheesemakers in Europe. These small differences all add up to significant differences in the finished cheese

A little history about Hafod

Hafod is a made by Rob Howard and his team at the farm of Patrick and Becky Holden near Ceredigion in Wales. Bwlchwernen Fawr has been certified organic management since 1973, which makes it the longest standing registered organic dairy farm in Wales. Listen to this interview from the BBC Food Programme.

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Goes well with:
Traditional Cider, Chardonnay
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