Four Pillars Orange Marmalade 160g


Breakfast Marmalade is made from the organic oranges left over from the distillation of Four Pillars Gin, in Victoria’s Yarra Valley.

Four Pillars Orange Marmalade is a deliciously sticky, bitter-sweet marmalade made from the botanical infused organic oranges that have gone through the distillation process. The oranges pick up a huge array of botanicals from the steaming process whilst at the same time holding onto their citric acids and sugars.

Four Pillars is a boutique gin distillery in the Yarra Valley. Each batch of gin produces around 3 kilograms of organically grown oranges that have essentially been steamed in gin: distilled with the nine other botanicals for seven hours in their still, Wilma. As an experiment, owner Cameron McKenzie used these Four Pillars leftovers to bake a flourless orange cake. And in his words, it was so wrong that it felt good. In conjunction with A Bit of Jam & Pickle, Four Pillars Orange Marmalade was born.

Delicious on toast with butter or try with a blue cheese, such Colston Bassett Stilton.

Ingredients: Gin steamed organic oranges, sugar, water, lemon juice, pectins