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Fougerus 250g - Rouzaire

A classic French brie, this white mould cows milk cheese is buttery & creamy with hints of mushroom, nuts & savoury vegetal notes.

Rouzaire Fougerus is soft traditional white mould cheese from the Ile de France region of France with a distinctive bracken fern leaf decoration. The bracken fern leaves used to decorate the cheese give it a 'forest’ aroma. The rind gives off a mushroom aroma associated with classic French Brie of the region. When fully ripened the white mould develops red and brown spots that contribute complexity to the flavour, and the paste is soft and rich with an earthy finish.
A little history about Fougerus
This artisan cheese was originally made in the 1960s for family consumption by the Rouzaire family. It is now made and matured in their state-of-the-art factory and cellars in the village of Tournan-en-Brie, in the heart of the Brie region. Despite the scale of their production volumes, many of the cheesemaking steps are still performed by hand, including cutting the curd, scooping the curds into moulds, turning the young cheeses and finally, packaging.

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