Cunliffe and Waters Caramelised Fig & Quince Jam 370g


Cunliffe & Water Caramelised Fig & Quince Jam is the ideal accompaniment to any cheese board, particularly with soft and blue cheeses.

Cunliffe & Waters Caramelised Fig & Quince Jam is a delicious jam that makes an ideal accompaniment to any cheese board.and goes particularly well with soft and blue cheeses. Figs & Quince are traditional accompaniments to cheese as the sweetness of the fruit balances with the saltiness of the cheese. Quince Paste is a traditional cheese partner to Manchego in Spain, whilst figs are more common with cheese in the Southern Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Greece - think Figs with prosciutto, blue cheese & honey. Of course, you can simply enjoy a generous spreading of Fig & Quince jam on toast!

Goes well with:

Cashel Blue, Colston Bassett Stilton, Manchego

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Established by Amanda Cunliffe in 1996, Cunliffe & Waters has built a well-deserved reputation as a producer of some of the finest handmade preserves in Australia. All Cunliffe & Waters jams and marmalades are cooked very quickly in small batches to capture the pure flavours of the best possible ingredients. Only natural preservatives are used in these products. Completely gluten free and in keeping with the handmade philosophy and local affiliation with growers in the Yarra Valley, local produce is sourced where possible.

Ingredients: Quince, sugar, lemon juice, fig, port, spices