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Cornish Kern - selected by Neal's Yard Dairy

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This hard, cows milk cheese from the UK has a delicious sweet nutty flavour reminiscent of mountain cheeses thanks to its Alpine starter culture.

Cornish Kern is a modern British hard cheese made to an adapted Gouda recipe. Using an Alpine starter culture gives this cheese a delicious sweet nutty flavour more reminiscent of mountain cheeses whilst the creamy Cornish milk imparts a rich, fudgy texture. Caramel overtones balanced with savoury flavours gives the cheese the broad appeal it deserves.

A little history about Cornish Kern
Made by Catherine Mead and her team at Lynher Dairies – home of well know Cornish Yarg. Matured for 18 months under a specially designed rind to reduce moisture loss, this is an exciting addition to our UK cheese range from Neals Yard Dairy. Named 'World's Best Cheese' by winning the Champion Cheese Award at the World Cheese Awards at the 2017 Taste of London Festival.

KERN – Cornish word for round

Neal's Yard Dairy - considered to be London's foremost cheese store - select and mature farmhouse & artisan cheeses for Harper & Blohm Cheese Shop from around the UK and Ireland.

Goes well with:
Single Malt Whisky, fortified wines,

Similar cheeses:
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