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Chloe's Fab Five

Cheesemonger Chloe has chosen five of her favourite items from Harper & Blohm. Two cheeses and pâté, tomato relish plus a great biscuit all-rounder.
Cashel Blue (200g) This blue combines the best of both worlds when it comes to texture and flavour – a rich, creamy texture and a nice hit of salty tang. I also like that it appeals to both blue lovers and also those that usually aren't so keen on blues. Plus it just looks so pretty.


Hafod Cheddar (200g) Being from the UK, I’ve always loved a cheddar- and with my mum being from Wales this one is a champion for me. I've got wonderful memories of driving out to country pubs and sharing a ploughman's lunch with my parents. This is ‘real’ cheddar as far as I’m concerned. Also, I really like that Hafod is the longest standing registered organic dairy farm in Wales.


City Larder Free Range Chicken Liver Pâté (150g)This is seriously best-tasting pâté I've ever had. It’s got just the right amount of jelly and a perfectly smooth texture. PLUS my one-jar-a-week habit is a good way of keeping my iron levels up.
ReJam Tomato Relish (280g)This relish is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy and goes so well with a chunk of Hafod Cheddar on crumpets – my current go-to snack. I'm also happy to get on board with a local producer particularly when the products are created from rescued ingredients.


The Fine Cheese Co. Oatcake Rounds (150g) I’ve not had a 'real' oatcake like these since I’ve been in Australia. It’s a great all-around biccie with a lovely texture that goes well with hard or soft cheese. A definite pantry staple. 
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