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Cashel Shepherd's Store

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Shepherd's Store is a semi hard farmhouse ewes milk cheese from Ireland. Its smooth texture  and full flavour makes it a winner on many levels.


Cashel Shepherd’s Store is a traditional, European style semi-hard cheese handmade from 100% Irish Friesland ewes milk and only made during the traditional lactation period from February to September. Each wheel weighs as much as 5 kilos and represents approximately 50 litres of milk – the equivalent of one day's milking from 30 sheep. During maturation, Cashel Shepherd’s Store is washed and turned by hand every week for 6 months, until it reaches a balanced flavour and is ready to enjoy. The resulting cheese offers a with a full flavour, smooth texture and a complex mix of both savoury and gentle, sweet notes. More reminiscent to the Ossau Iraty / Pyrenees style cheeses than Manchego or Pecorino, this is a distinctly Irish traditional farmhouse cheese.

A little history about the Grubb Family

The Grubb family has lived in Ireland since the 17th century, when they fled England for religious reasons and became millers & butter makers on their farm at Beechmount, near the dramatic limestone outcrop known as the Rock of Cashel. Since creating the extremely popular Cashel Blue in the 1980’s, husband and wife Louis and Jane Grubb have been joined by their daughter Sarah and her husband Sergio, who with their wine background, bring new expertise on tasting & grading cheeses.

Goes well with

Pinot Noir, dry Rosé, full-bodied Chardonnay

Similar cheeses

Ossau Iraty, Pecorino Toscano Stagionato

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