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BEER & CHEESE: La Sirène Praline x Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue

La Sirène Praline is a medium-bodied stout which meets the moderate spice and mineral tang of the Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue.

La Sirène Praline 330ml + 150g Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue

Why do they work so well together?

When looking at cheese and beer pairings, there are few rules and ultimately your individual palate should be your guide. Think of pairings like a set of scales; flavours need to be in balance as do textures. Chocolate might seem like an obvious match for stout but they would be far too similar; much more exciting is blue cheese.

La Sirène Praline is a medium-bodied stout which meets the moderate spice and mineral tang of the Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue.

About the beer

La Sirène Praline Cacao, Hazelnut & Vanilla Stout is an alluring stout produced in nearby Alphington. Upfront, the aroma of cocoa hits your nose and upon sipping there’s a cacophony of sour cherry/vanilla undertones as well as the roasty, toasty flavours of hazelnut and cacao nibs. The mild bitterness of chocolate/coffee as well as its light carbonation leaves your mouth clean, making this an easy-drinking stout at a restrained 5.8% ABV.

Praline Stout has been part of their stable since 2014, and thankfully it now comes in 330ml cans down from the 750ml of its original release.

About the cheese

Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue is a semi-hard natural rinded blue cheese from the UK. Recognisable due to its distinctive orange colour – which comes from the addition of annatto, a natural food colouring derived from a South American berry – it is interspersed with fine, well-dispersed blue veins. Shropshire Blue is slightly milder than Stilton but a little richer, with a buttery, creamy texture and minerally tang. It is full-bodied and fruity without being sharp or overpowering but is still distinctly “blue” in character. 150g

A little history about La Sirène
La Sirène has come a long way since their 2010 inception. With a focus on Saison style beers, they’ve expanded into wild-fermented ales, hoppy Farmhouse ales and beer/wine hybrids which nod towards founder Nikias’ wine background.

Sustainability is not just a buzz word at La Sirène but very much at the forefront of their approach to brewing practices - from re-engineering their brewhouse in order to minimise water usage to travel miles and packaging initiatives.

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