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Le Conquérant French Butter 125g - selected by Will Studd


This cultured butter is made with cream from cows that graze on the green seaside meadows of Normandy. It is then churned in a baratte before being moulded by hand.

Le Conquérant French Butter is made with cream from cows that graze on the green seaside meadows of Normandy. Churned in the old fashioned way in a baratte and then hand moulded, this is the 'Rolls Royce' of butter - an essential item of any gourmands fridge.

*AOP = Appellation d'Origine Protégée in French (Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in English).

Will Studd is a world-renowned cheese expert who has selected a range of cheeses based on their provenance, texture, aroma and flavour.

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Traditional cultured butter is made from cultured cream - cream with selected cultures allowed to mature over 12 - 24 hours. The cream is then churned gently in wooden churns or barrettes until the butter and buttermilk have separated. These butters have a richer & more lactic flavour than commercially produced counterparts. Commercial or sweet cream butter is made from fresh cream with industrial starters added to create flavour and salt as a preservative.

Normandy butter such as Will Studd Beurre de Baratte is preferred by most French chefs for cooking because it adds a sensational creamy richness to dishes. The rich milk produces butter high in fatty solids, oleic acid and mineral salts. Quality varies according to the season and the softest is made during the late spring flush when the green fields are covered in buttercups, daisies and dandelions. These are ingested by the cows and produce a golden butter packed with floral flavours. See how Le Conquérant French Butter is made here.